Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It happens

So, in Detroit my window got busted into. You'd think that would make me more careful about my car and such things. Of course, it didn't. I'm currently waiting on the car window to be fixed. On top of that, I guess I stopped somewhere or left my bag out front of studio for too long because now all of my shooting wardrobe, except the bare minimum is pretty much gone. This is why I keep a back up of small items that are neccesities. So, here I go again trying to rebuild most of it. Luckily, my latex was not in the bag or any expensive shoes because they were at home. I bought a good portion of what I would need for TX next month off the internet today. Now, to figure out how to replace the large things. I fail to understand why anyone would want my lingerie or wardrobe. It seriously baffles me. My sizes are so odd, like who are you gonna find as small as me with the same boobs. :/ Fuckin weirdos and ass hats. Anyways, if anyone would be willing to donate by buying anything for me off of these two wishlists that would be awesome. I'm willing to trade you a print of me in the outfits in exchange. Any bit helps. Thanks guys!

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